A Quote by Sorin Cerin on vanity universe

Only when the man of the Sacred Self will look astounded at how awful his Destiny and that of the mankind would have been if it were not for the vanity, he will find out that nothing can be truly known, that the only true knowledge is finding out that everything is non-knowledge.
The inexistence of the vanity would have been probably the worst crime of the divinity, because vanity is the man's priciest asset, because it is his meaning, his true path!
What would have happened if this path had lead to anything else and not to vanity?
What would have happened if this path, this meaning of man, would have knocked on a certain door of destiny, on whose address was no longer written Vanity?
Man would have not been free anymore; he would have been the slave of his own eternal meaning. The man would have been dominated by the divinity of the meaning because every meaning of man finally leads to its divinity.
In any case, the man was sentenced to be a salve forever.

Sorin Cerin

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