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Our whole science and spirituality of which we think that are great achievements of mankind, of its historical evolution is based exclusively on non-Knowledge, to the reference to this non-Knowledge being in fact a great and important achievement of non-Knowledge.
This is why we are human beings abandoned by our own Sacred Self?
This is why we see the cold beauty of this nature so often alien to ourselves; this is why everything we think we are is in fact the alien within us, the one that replaces our own lost life? And all of these occur because we reference to the non-Knowledge, to its Absolute Truth?
Is there a way to leave this sad spirituality and this petty life?
Is there a way to separate us from the lie of our existence?
Is there a RELEASE?
And if we released us from ourselves, would it be better?
Could we ever miss ourselves?
Miss the lie of our existence, what should we miss?
Miss the alien within us that has always replaced our own life?
To miss the absurdity of this world?
No, no, no, we shouldn't miss anything in this world except for what we really loved in this absurd and vain love.
To miss our loves, the sprigs that did not advertised themselves in commercials, to miss the day when we...and there so many reasons for which to miss...

Sorin Cerin

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