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How could such an absurd and unfair society that torments with self alienation the human being, already completely alienated be still saved?
How could a society such full of misery, of the wickedest tortures, because man's diabolical mind, once he has lost his Sacred Self, had the time to invent all these misdeeds?
How could we save such a society?
Is it by saving the man, by explaining him about his Sacred Self?
No, I do not think so, because man's Sacred Self cannot be explained, but man will have to become aware of the great loss he suffered and to regain it himself.
Will it ever be possible?
I believe so, but it will be necessary for the greatest Evil of man to disappear, namely churches, along with religion which humiliate him before a divinity alienated from itself.
Such a salvation will only come if the man will know how to face his fear of Dying and of the lie of the Afterlife as described by some religious cults that thus keep the man chained in the absurd and self alienation.
But until all these occur, all other humans will be the guinea pig of their own lives, as their life lives them instead of them living their life.
Even when man will find again its Sacred Self, he will not be truly happy, but will understand that his life cannot consist of happiness, but of Balance.
This is way it is infinitely better not to have a world at all than to have such a world!

Sorin Cerin

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