A Quote by Sorin Cerin on sacred self

Then can we know where death begins?
Death begins from the first looks, the first whispers of love, from the first kisses, caresses and sex, when the being feels it shivers from the worm wind of the moments that gently wraps it and it wants not n o lose the life of so many ancestors whose bones are in present breath of the being.
Man's subconscious transmits that it in only through sex that he will be able to stay along with the bones and flesh of its ancestors by maintaining life that is merely a prelude of death. Then the being will vibrate loving and longing for a partner of opposite sex trying to understand the sexual impulse that dominated him but without being able to relate it to love because this in only possible when he knows the truth about the being and it is hidden somewhere in his sacred self.
The truth on the birth of a new death lies in the sexual orgasm and it will be brought to this world as an offspring, following its path to the grave just as his forefathers, with blood and sweat, with hard work, despair and happiness, with fulfilment and tears.
And this way the first kiss is born, the first flower is offered, along with the first stanzas from a poem of the Sacred Self.

Sorin Cerin

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