A Quote by Sorin Cerin on perfect society

 It is not possible to create a perfect society for an imperfect man.
Even if we transhipped the present man to a society where the Sacred Self has been found again, this man would be neither happy, nor fulfilled in such a society because he IS NOT read for it. For him, the perfect society is under no circumstance communism, but capitalism, being a man that dream that he can be rich too someday, that what he will gather will create a capital, a man for who cheating, lying and stealing are a part of the every day life, and if we chase them away, we would chase the man from himself. This is the man nowadays and this is why the capitalist system is the only system in which, even if he feels frustrated and anguished, he deems himself free of himself, even if he is not free at all!

Sorin Cerin

Contributed by: norma