A Quote by Sorin Cerin on vanity universe

The meaning of the man's existence is of not being lonely even if he is solitary to the universe through vanity.
Thus, the meaning of man's existence is the vanity of everything not only the vanity of his own existence.
This vanity of all involves the Universe, with all his galaxies, with all its great stars, Universe that would have never existed had not been Known by man, because if this Universe or any other universe for that matter is not known, he cannot exist, because it exists as long as we know it.
Before we were born, did we know anything on this Universe? At least in this life we do not know what we knew of the universe, as we do not know what the dead ones know about this universe. All we can do is to imagine thinking on the lives before or after us. Even if I believe in before and after lives, I cannot claim to know id my soul and the souls of others see the same universe we see here. Considering even the fact that in such Knowledge there would be some disagreements, the concerned universe would change, would be shaped according to those disagreeing ideas.

Sorin Cerin

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