A Quote by Sorin Cerin on religion true

The prayer is the symbol of vanity and not of bowing before a divinity, because it only though prayer that man becomes solidary to divinity.
Once man becomes solidary to Divinity, to the Universe, he becomes free, because the base of this divinity is the vanity of vanities! He becomes free through Vanity because everything is vanity, the entire world and all of man's divinity!
Before understanding all of this, mankind will have to go through sufferings that are hard to imagine. There will be several wars, more and more devastating, with many victims killed in the most barbaric way possible, and all of this so that some may dominate this world through fire and sword and others to remain their slaves.
Mankind will go through times with more and more unmerciful diseases due to viruses that will be, most of them, created in military genetics laboratories. They will kill a great number of persons and they will bring new sufferings.
The political and administrative maps will be constantly changing as a result of deaths and occupations of all sorts.

Sorin Cerin

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