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 How can such a man be chased away in a world full of churches, where there are clans and clans, groups and groups of priests, quacks, gurus, ministers, pastors, rabbis, muftis and other representatives of the cults? Don't they represent man's devotion to the church, don't they serve religion?
What people serve today is not a religion of the man that would identify him with his own divinity, but a religion that identifies man to the salve of an external divinity, as if it not man who knows this world, but the external divinity.
Let's assume that the external divinity knew this world which would be independent of man's ephemeral existence.
Then why does this world disappear with the man? Because it is his world.
The world of the dinosaurs existed when there were not people, we have relics of that time. Who dreamed the world of the dinosaurs?
It was the current man too, when he discovered it, because dinosaurs saw it completely different from what the man sees, and eve if man existed at the time, the dinosaurs would have still seen it different, as animals or birds, fishes or reptiles do.

Sorin Cerin

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