A Quote by Sorin Cerin on mankind future

 The saints thus receive qualities that are forbidden to man, and these qualities are owed precisely to the fact that man is capable of loving and the ultimate form of love is the Holiness.
What is the Destiny if not an Image of the Print of our Creating Factor, which is love?
Through love, man comes closer and closer to the image of the Destiny, which thus turns into Holiness for Man.
The Holiness becomes the most plausible and closest image of the Destiny and Holiness is, incredibly, the one to whom it is asked to intervene on Destiny.
Who else is asked to intervene on Destiny if not Destiny that thus receives the meaning of Holiness through man's Love, being the Image of love reflected in the Infinite Mirror of Knowledge?
Who is the man?
Is he not a piece of this image of Love which is the Destiny?
So the man is Love or image of Love?
The man is Love because the image of Love is man's Destiny.
Is there a difference between the man and his Destiny?
There is no such difference.
Then the man is both Love and Image of this Love in this world.

Sorin Cerin

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