A Quote by Sorin Cerin on man divinity

  This is when Money will be dethroned! Only when there will not be many people left, when most of them will save themselves through suicide ad those who remained did it for the spiritual, sacerdotal society of the Sacred Self, for the society in which their life will consist of finding the Self Balance!
This is the future of mankind and if this is so, is it not suicide the way to the absolute, the absolute within us?
The true religion of the human being must be the one that excludes the fear of death!
Only such a religion can still save the Man.
Nothing else will do it, because the only salvation of the Man is Suicide.
In what do you see beauty? Is it in the nature of this world or in the divine nature of this world?
It is in the divine nature of this world because the nature of this world can be awful through its natural or spiritual calamities, earthquakes or floods, wars or other types of cataclysms.

Sorin Cerin

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