A Quote by Sorin Cerin on man good perfection

 The image of the tormented man is taken and reproduced in the dirtiest political ways by the institutions of the church, and through this image they squeeze money and a part of the souls of the people in order to convert them to a faith that no longer is part of the ultimate form of man's love, to faith of the obedience to groupings, official, governmental or any other occult institutions and hierarchies.
The church stole the image of the Crucified Christ, which is the image of the holiness of man because it wanted this image precisely due to the fact that man found himself again in it.
Church found itself that much in this image that it reached the ultimate stage of man's love, holiness.
Then it could have been a favourable moment to reunite man with his Sacred Self, if this image would have not been stolen from the man by the church and subsequently institutionalized, becoming eventually the image which will enslave man.

Sorin Cerin

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