A Quote by Sorin Cerin on love death dream

I love you. I call you. I always seek you in my heart. Now that I found you, what else can I say, maybe the most painful adieu in my entire life, my beautiful, adored, consuming soul mate.
I would like to hug you, but I know I cannot touch what is above me, above my life, above this piece of breath, and I am so alien to my self.
I know you are the one that can bring me out from the alienation I am in, that you are my only truth for which I exist in this world. I also know that without you, the entire world would fall apart, but it as true that beside you, the entire world would be consumed and what remains then?
I also know that the ineffable destiny will always keep the doors opened as if there would be any meaning as long as no one can go out through them.
This is a vanity too. It is also a vanity the fact that all the opposites attract and all the things that go in the same sense reject.
Thus Good will always be attracted by Evil, and Evil by good and the good of Good will be precisely the Evil while the good of Evil what we understand through Good.
The soul mates are as the pair of Good and Evil.

Sorin Cerin

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