A Quote by Sorin Cerin on life death

When Man will re-find himself, then demons with angels and God with the Devil will reconcile.
It will be a step forward, but not enough to remove the vanity of the world.
Nevertheless, man will not admit defeat, he will struggle, and he will be once again put to the test of accepting a new Original Sin, of taking the blame of the divinity on him. This time he will not accept this low bargain and will allow eternal peace between God and the Devil and between the Good in Man and the Evil in Man in this world.
Then he will slowly understand in its evolution as sacerdotal being that not only does he not have Will and Knowledge, not only that he is meant to grasp this world precisely through the Knowledge he does not have, he will understand that he is only the love he does not know and which forms the only meaning of his existence in this dream of the Illusion of Life.
When he will find the Sacred Self, man will stop fighting with the vanity of its own existence because he will understand that this vanity it is given to him so that he will always turn against it , that this vanity is everything that pushed him to vileness and humbleness, to false, lie, murder and theft, he will finally know that this vanity belongs only to this world that is given by the Knowledge he does not have, by the dream of this Life running towards Death.

Sorin Cerin

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