A Quote by SirShree TejParkhi on meditation, self-awareness, and spiritual goal

Missing link about Meditation - SirShree Tej Parkhi Ji

You don’t have to meditate….
You are meditation. There is no need to meditate.
You have to merely listen to the truth.
Listen by dropping all your false notions and concepts, without any comparison. Then you will come to understand that the meditation of Self is continuously happening.
The moment the mind falls - there is meditation of self — meditation of bright awareness - where there is awareness of consciousness and awareness of unconsciousness - both.
That is bright awareness. Bright awareness is meditation.
You don’t have to meditate - but just understand that

You are meditation".

SirShree TejParkhi

Source: http://aaditya.org/evolve/blogs/index.php?blog=5

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