A Quote by Simon on time and travel

Time does not exist as we think of it today. 

Everything that ever was or ever will be has had, and will have energy. It is impossible to exist without energy.
Time does not have energy and therefore it does not exist. We may continue to measure the distance or the proximity of any event to any other event using any stated measurement of furtherance that we find acceptable.
 We can even call this distance or proximity Time but it is not a force of nature or a Law of the universe and is useless in mathematics.   Any and all scientific experiments that have ever been done in any subject can still be done and will have the same outcome with my statement applied.
All space and all matter and their relation to energy are not changed in any way or degree by removing the overlay of our false understanding of time.   Because time does not exist Timelessness does not exist, so time travel does not exist. 
One can theorize that it is possible to travel to a moment that has already happened or to one that has not happened yet and return but this theory would have nothing to do with time as it is thought of today.
   Thank you.

Simon Crowne

Contributed by: Simon