A Quote by Shundria Alise Daniels

God is love and love is God. How can man love if he doesn't fully love his heavenly father with all his heart because how can you love someone else if you don't love yourself(the holy spirity first) that lives in you. The heart is made to love not to hate. So when we fully love God and surrender to him and come to the realization that we are on this earth to fulfill his destiny or purpose for us then we become his servants and we surrender to him and our life becomes so much easier because it's based on the foundation of love so we will then have peace within ourselves becuase we will know that we are following God plans for us and everything will come into place and you will receive all your blessings even when you have storms you will be able to come right back out of them still strong because you had God with you right by your side taking you step by step along the way of your path.

Shundria Daniels

Contributed by: Dree Dree