A Quote by Sherman Alexie on easter, love, communion, and prayer

We are taught to take the bread
into our bodies
as proof of Jesus's body...

Suddenly, we are wed
and I am just as surprised as you
that marriage has become our bread...

Look. I don't know what
would help me believe
that we have become sacred...

If that was Easter
then the church was full
as we stood against the wall

praying for an empty pew.
If that was Easter
then I rose that morning

in love with you
though I rise every morning
from the water, more or less

in love with you.
If that was Easter
then you were asked

to be the Eucharistic minister.
If that was Easter
then you surprised me

by placing salmon on my tongue.
Then I surprised you
by swallowing it whole.

Amen, amen, amen.

Sherman Alexie

Source: One Stick Song, Pages: 80-81

Contributed by: Tsuya