A Quote by Sherman Alexie on stories, politics, debate, and diversity

Listen to the stories.  You want to help the world?  Read the poetry of the people we're bombing.  Write poetry for them.  Sing songs for them, and for us.  And listen to everybody.

You cannot control how diverse any room is, or any institution, or any policy.  But you can control how diverse you are, and who you love and who you listen to.

So tonight, don't go hang out with your mirrors (whether that's physical or ideological).  Go find somebody you disagree with, and go hang out.

In a perfect world, Barney Frank and Jesse Helms are best friends.

Sherman Alexie

Source: speech, Rutgers University, October 10, 2001; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WUA8vL1L5Q&feature=related

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