A Quote by Sharon McErlane on beauty and power

We have come to restore women to full power and beauty, to bring the world into balance.  Power is beauty, beauty is power.  It is not power over or power in order to but being 100% oneself, and living in the truth of who you are.  Since beauty is the outward manifestation of one's essence, every being is beautiful when expressing this essence.   Turn your awareness toward the source of power that lies within you.  When you begin to seek inside yourselves, you will find that power and beauty do go together.

Feminine power is a fearsome thing.  Fierce.  Dignity has to do with the sacredness of the being that you are.  Grow into your Spirit.  Know your body.  Your body is your compass.  Both physical and emotional feelings are registered in the body.  There is wholeness, a grounded-ness in this way of perceiving that is more reliable than the mind.  You will FEEL the truth.  Trust the FEELING.   Step into the Light and own the verticality of this power.  When you walk tall, the Divine is in you.  The alignment of your spine will bring in the Divine - always.  Stand tall, sit tall, be the light that you are, and whenever you doubt, stand tall.

Sharon McErlane

Source: A Call to Power: The Grandmothers Speak

Contributed by: Interiors For Healing