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As the year draws to an end, I face a question that annually lurks in the back of my mind, (and I suspect in the minds of most entrepreneurs), "Do I have the energy and passion for another year?" Though someone from the outside might assume the answer is always, "Yes," people on the outside tend to glamorize the real work of leading a mission-driven company. I encounter so many job applicants drawn to Honest Tea because they want to change the way business is done -- organics, Fair Trade, healthier products, bikes for employees -- but then when they find out the way to make that all real is by walking in the rain lugging 50 pounds of heavy bottles or standing in the hot sun giving out samples, they find out they aren't quite as entrepreneurial as they thought they were. (Internally we say their "Kumbaya factor" isn't as big as their "Get it Done" factor.)

Seth Goldman

Source: The Mission Driven Business: Are We Willing to Give Up Growth for Mission?: http://blog.inc.com/the-mission-driven-business/2007/12/as_the_year_draws_to.html

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