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Interview, 26-June-2000, with Daniel Jaffé . . . a writer and Reviews Editor for Classic CD, the British classical music magazine. . . . what is remarkable, though, is that he not only suggested that jazz was a worthwhile form of music to study, but he also praised authentic American jazz . . . . . . the implications of Prokofiev's enthusiasm for jazz . . . The strange colours of the so-called 'American' Overture, for instance, with its honky-tonk piano sound and predominant brass and woodwind colours sounds to me like a "take" on the sound of a jazz combo, though not using its rhythmic style. Jazzy harmonies unmistakably appear in Romeo and Juliet and in his so-called "War" sonatas. Basically it's a . . . subtle and subliminal influence. . Prokofiev took opportunities to hear jazz during his many tours through the States - certainly he brought plenty of jazz records back to Russia.

Sergey Prokofiev (1891 - 1953)

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