A Quote by Sakyong Mipham on power of intention

As I live my day, I always try to have a contemplation going - whether I'm talking to people, riding in a car, giving teachings, or eating.  This can be as simple as bringing my mind back to the thought "May others be happy" at every opportunity. Or I might focus on selflessness or how to help someone who is ill. That power of intention helps me turn confusion on its ear and enjoy my life.  When self-absorption arises, I use the precision of my morning meditation to turn the energy inside out. i find that the more I do this, the less worried I feel. Each day is an opportunity to sharpen and deepen the conclusions I've drawn in my morning practice.

Sakyong Mipham

Source: Ruling Your World : Ancient Strategies For Modern Life, Pages: 31

Contributed by: Lily