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I believe with all my heart that the true value of a man is not in the man who can do the work of ten men, but rather in that man who can get ten men to work. I think this is where Heavenly Father recognizes the great value of a leader, not particularly in the man who can do the work of ten, but the man who can get ten men to respond and to do what needs to be done. I remember the story of the assembly line. There was a man back in Detroit putting hub caps on new automobiles. He became the best man on the line. He had been putting hub caps on for ten years. One day the boss came by and said, "How are things going?" "Well, I am glad you dropped by. I think I deserve a raise. I am the best man on this line. Do you realize I have ten years' experience putting hub caps on?" The boss smiled and said, "No, George. You have one year's experience ten times. It doesn't take ten years' experience to learn how to put on a hub cap." Young people, think about that for a moment. If you find yourself down in a rut putting on hub caps, and you think you have got ten years' experience, you get out of that rut, and you reach out into other areas. You learn how to do new things, and you become useful in this world that we live in.

Robert L. Simpson (1915 -)

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