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While I was in Ann Arbor I heard that Boston was a good place to play acoustic music because they still had plenty of clubs. So I moved to Cambridge. I roomed with a Harvard student. I got an apartment the first day I got to town by going to Harvard housing, so I could get cheaper rates, $80 a month or something. I even went to some Harvard classes, just to sit in, because I enjoyed the performance of the professors. The teachers were always so theatrical at Harvard, intelligent show business people, that could keep your attention, and that I think, is the great advantage of Harvard. So I used to go for the show, no matter what subject it was. You could just drop in to a class and watch, it wouldn't matter if you went to the school. No one even asked. The show was good and you would learn something, but you wouldn't get any credit for it. I didn't need the credit

Ric Ocasek (1949 -)

Source: Negative Theatre 87

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