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The status quo is a product of our culture or our culture is a product of the status quo -- I’m sure which is the effect and which is the product -- there is probably a feedback loop there that is mutually reinforcing. But we have a culture that says "hey, look around. This place called Earth was created for you and you can do anything you want with it."

And of course we know that is flawed. We belong to it, it doesn’t belong to us. It’s a flawed world view. You see evidence of it all around us -- this idea that resources are limitless and we will never run out. Or that we can put anything we want to into the earth, throw poison into the sink. It’s very adolescent thinking. But yet there is a growing sense of ethics. We see a clear cutting in an old growth forest we say "that’s wrong." We see fish that are deformed from PCBs and we know that it’s wrong. We are waking up to the environmental ethics of living in paradise.

Ray Anderson

Source: Ray Anderson on conquering Mount Sustainability: http://www.greenlivingonline.com/Business/ray-anderson-conquering-mount-sustainability-and-inspiring-us-along-the-way/

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