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-The Apprehension-
The more you heap my hands
with the coins of love,
won't it expose the more the deceit's depth
that's within me?
Better for me to pay my piling debts
and sail away in an empty boat.
Better that I should starve and you withdraw
your heart filled with nectar
and go away.

To dull my pain
I might wake it in you;
to lighten my load
I might press it on you;
my anguished cry of loneliness well might
keep you awake at night -
such are my fears, why I don't speak freely.
If you can forget,
please do.

On a lonesome trail I was, when you came along,
your eyes set on my face.
I thought I'd say, 'Why not come with me?
Say something to me, please!'
But all of a sudden, as I gazed at your face,
I felt afraid.
I saw a dormant fire's secret smoulder
in the obscure depths
of your heart's darkest night.

Anchor, should I suddenly fan
the flames of your penance into a blazing fire,
wouldn't that stark light slash all veils asunder
and lay my poverty bare?
What have I to offer as sacred fuel
to your passion's sacrificial fire?
Therefore I say to you with humility:
With the memory of our meeting
let me return alone

Rabindranath Tagore (1861 - 1941)

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