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The Wish
Starlight gleams, in darkness.
Rainbows shine through storm clouds.
Flowers, trees, emerge from hardened seed
Time it flees as wind, human lives...
We are of the earth.
Challenges, life teaches us.
Suffering, we reach out;
Human hands are joined through hard days....
Time it stops for no one that lives;
We are truly one...

From the earth, since our birth
Unified worth
Striving for peace; never love cease.

We live in changing times
And we do the best we can.
Strive to live by truth;

We give more than we take.
Transcend the pain
For there's nothing it can gain;
Yes, the strength is knowing who we are;

I am here to share, do I dare?
Simply to care-
True Wisdom is within...
YOU are my kin.

Work for peace, in darkness
Dare to dream, through storm clouds
Renewed hope can heal the broken heart
Time it flees as wind, like our lives-
We are truly one.

Oriablue (C) 2007

Oria Blue

Source: original song

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