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Life is not about cheap thrills, or about transcending pain, or getting high:
A volume of space is spent learning how to suffer with dignity
And Grace,
But not because we seek to suffer
Or enjoy one moment of pain.

Maybe if we spent more time in learning how to nurture ourselves,
We could more freely be catalysts of love toward one another.
Is not Love but To Give?
Ahh...yes, of course...but wait.

There is no question that Giver must first know Self,
Before the choice becomes Gift;
It cannot be otherwise, because to love is a part of the definition
Of to be Human.

Perhaps most of us never reach the capacity to love honestly in one lifetime,
Because this conscious act takes an honest appraisal and Understanding:
A full acceptance and knowledge of limitation in Self
In order To Give.

Most of us spend lives in loving shallowly, and falsely,
Not because of what we choose to share, but because of what we do not know or refuse to name as consciously as WHY.

If we had the courage to NAME our WHYS, our WHATS might become much clearer.

And, furthermore, we would no longer hold, within, the capacity of To Resent.

Name any person that enjoys suffering,
And I will cite the tale of one innocent child in ten thousand,
Whose unrequited pain is so incomprehensible
That not one of us
Would ever choose or have the courage to choose to hold
The essence or quality of that suffering,
Not for an instant.

Suffering is relative to the Perceiver.

We tend to empathize most with those who lose everything,
Yet we are far less capable of honoring the perspectives
Of those who we perceive have lost very little, or nothing at all.
And so it is the invisible, false constructs of Hells,
The ones in which people are perceived
As "such and such," and as "so and so,"
In which suffering is magnified most keenly, and perpetuated further, but mostly by the language or dance of secrecy between our heart, and the Fear we hide from it.

Invisible to those who choose to
Perceive and focus on externals,
Secrecy in the inner world can be most destructive to the spirit,
And so it is because we choose to ignore the inner realms that
Those who suffer in this way
Are worthy of the deepest Nurturing and Mercy.

As such, the false constructs of inner Hell, if perpetuated deliberately upon others by the Insincere,
(which the latter would strive most keenly to keep hidden from the natural scheme),
do tend to contain the capacity to decimate external worlds most effectively.


Hitler's Realm of Horror:

Twelve million lost their lives,
6 went to feed the ego of the piper;
6 served as necessary reparation for the Lambs.

Any imbalanced scheme requires equal and opposing balance to restore,
Visible or not.
So what remains staggering to comprehend
is that it was but a single, human mind,
from which a destructive belief system was created and
made manifest

= quantum mechanics

It is, therefore, from the simple internal world of Invisible
That a few insincere, fearful souls,
Can come to wreak world havoc by simply "To Laud" so blindly,
And Therein force all of humanity to be engulfed by Its fire.

God would never act so lofty as to presume.

Only man.
Only man.

Along this vein, why do we also tend to honor those most
Who have lost that which we secretly fear to lose,
(and perhaps have yet to learn the suffering of),
Or would pray fervently that we would never have to know?

Truth: Being born in the Likeness (of owning nothing), by forgetting the illusion of to Have, perhaps we re-discover true Bliss, not in the doing, but in the Being.

We are not built to suffer alone, in Isolationist Bubbles.
We are not meant to laugh just because we feel comforted in
Making another person pretend to feel less scared, or more safe.
We are not meant to save another.
In saving ourselves, on the inside,
We become catalysts through which a natural interdependence flows.

Most of modern society demands that we all spend solitary lives trying to fill a Narcissistic Void in Supply
Whose coffers remain always empty...
Full of egoic tricks,
Devoid of Inner Clarity.

Life is treacherous. Life is mostly without purpose. Except for rare moments,
Not of Happiness or Fulfillment,
But of sharing points of mercy,
And offering Hands of Acceptance.

Regret happens too infrequently,
As when we scream and beat our chests for someone we love who has died.


For most the only Bliss is Leaning Unto
Our own last moment, however it comes.
It comes for us all. It comes one moment too soon for us All.
The first shall be last, and the last shall be first. A self-reflexive life. Full of empty.

I dream to LIVE as if I could see my life unfolding backwards FROM THE LAST BREATH.

Those who have been near death, no longer look for the light.
Through Death, life is imbued. It is a part of you and me, imprinted in all the drama, and extruded from all of the trauma. Trauma/drama: no delineation.

Suffering is relative to the perceiver. Therefore YOU is incapable of being perceiver of I.

Perceiving is something we cannot help but do. As it gives us the power to observe, and to measure our existence in time/space, it also offers a path of damnation, wherever we choose to fall into judgment of self or of others, or wherever we forget our true unlimited form of Interbeing.
Mirror=Corporeal form=perception
Being is something we are, but never in time/space the twain shall meet. Except...in probability...instinct knows.

Nouns and verbs. Subjects and predicates. The truth of Spirituality is built into our language, yet most of us fail to see it.  Inside of the false perception of Duality is encased the concept and definition of non-duality.  Perceiving opposing forces as inexorably entwined is anathema to us; however, non-duality is much closer to external reality than what we think of as reality.

Accept....is Now.

Light of Void, simple interbeing inside timeless Moment of Bliss,
Omnipresent and Eternal:
It envelops all, into a non-linear, flowing interdependence.
Mere incantation of its possibility, no, its probability,
If placed almost outside of the awareness of suffering,
Tends to catch humanity by surprise,
Brings mankind to its Knees,
And so cannot really ever be named.

There is nothing to be done, and yet everything MUST be completed.
Walking courageously, devoid of fear, and discerning, is not a matter of choice, but of burden, and of ache, and of trial and error.

In the process of inner growth, the first Half of life is intended to be the Gathering,
And the other half, the Shedding.
The most fruitful moment is the having learned how to drop
Especially Desire,

I haven't done that so well yet.

If we really want to grow,
Maybe the humblest way is to meld into suffering,
As if we would walk in each other's Being, to give back equally,
Through the fullness of Our Unique eyes, and hands of Moment,
With suffering and joy,

Empathy and humility

Rolled equally into One.

Maybe that's what being AWAKE really is.

Oria Blue

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The Wish
Starlight gleams, in darkness.
Rainbows shine through storm clouds.
Flowers, trees, emerge from hardened seed
Time it flees as wind, human lives...
We are of the earth.
Challenges, life teaches us.
Suffering, we reach out;
Human hands are joined through hard days....
Time it stops for no one that lives;
We are truly one...

From the earth, since our birth
Unified worth
Striving for peace; never love cease.

We live in changing times
And we do the best we can.
Strive to live by truth;

We give more than we take.
Transcend the pain
For there's nothing it can gain;
Yes, the strength is knowing who we are;

I am here to share, do I dare?
Simply to care-
True Wisdom is within...
YOU are my kin.

Work for peace, in darkness
Dare to dream, through storm clouds
Renewed hope can heal the broken heart
Time it flees as wind, like our lives-
We are truly one.

Oriablue (C) 2007

Oria Blue

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