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[The Bible is] an oral history.  It was passed down word of mouth, father to son, from Adam to Seth, from Seth to Enos, from Enos to Cainan, for forty generations, a growing changing story… until Moses finally gets it down on lambskin.  But lambskins wear out, and need to be recopied.  Copies of copies of copies of copies of copies of copies of copies of an oral history passed down through forty generations.  From Hebrew it's translated into Arabic, from Arabic to Latin, from Latin to Greek, from Greek to Russian, from Russian to German, from German to an old form of English that you could not read .... You can't put a grocery list through that many translations, copies, and retellings, and not expect to have some big changes in the dinner menu when the kids make it back from Kroger.  And yet people are killing each other over this written word.  Here's a tip: if you're killing someone in the name of God, you're missing the message.

Nick Annis

Source: The Sun - September 2006

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