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And so I abandon everything for a time, and in that series of moments there is only you and you again, and never is it enough. Warmth begets warmth and excitement begets excitement. We feed each other and emerge anew, new creatures with new faces and the world no longer quite recognizes us. Truly, we do not recognize ourselves. For part of my being is now you and part of yours is me. We are swirled entities, orange and red, resembling now each other more than either of our previous selves. Until slowly we exchange and we exchange and we change no more, for we are mirrors, we are the right hand giving to the left. We are one. And now the exhilaration of exchange and change is lessened. What now? Is our love less? No, what is gone is emotion, is a finite thing of the manifest world. What remains is unity, quiet, a thing of the infinite world. Finally, now, perhaps we know love in its completeness.


Source: Gaia Pod, "Is There A God?"

Contributed by: Julie

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