A Quote by N. Michael Murphy on soul vs spirit

Like Jung, James Hillman, Thomas Moore, and others, I have found it useful to imagine some distinctions between soul  and spirit, with the indivisible pair together making up the whole inner being.  Stories of the soul relate to our earthy and earthly attachments and detachments, whereas those of the spirit are celestial and otherworldly.  The soul dwells deep in the valleys and experiences of everyday life.  It is feminine, moist, and full of feelings.  The spirit resides on the mountaintops, has a masculine flavor, and its lofty concerns are for meaning, the connectedness of all things, and life after death.  The creative, imaginative soul craves connectedness with others and our world; the spirit teaches detachment from earthly concerns.  Philosophers and theologians may not be in touch with their own earthy and earthly natures and so extol a spirituality that seems to be above matters of the soul.  They may be so uncomfortable or unfamiliar with their feminine or anima natures that they will not deal with feelings and imagination, even though they claim to be in the business of saving souls.  Many of the professional purveyors of spirituality are male, and are therefore likely to be more familiar and comfortable with masculine images of the heroic, and the death-defying and death-denying than with the feminine images of feelings, birth, and death.

N. Michael Murphy

Source: The Wisdom of Dying - Practices for living

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