A Quote by Muzaffer Ozak

I was swimming in the shariat, obeying what is prescribed as lawful and unlawful in the Qur'an. By the time of Jesus, the followers of Moses had stiffened the sacred law into a rigid orthodoxy. Born into the midst of this calcified religious society, Jesus renewed its lifeblood by emphasizing its core inner teachings of the heart. In a similar way, there is a certain heaviness to the shariat, the sacred law of Islam, insofar as it functions to reign in the ignoble tendencies of the nafs (ego). When I entered the mystic path of Islam, this slightly bitter taste of the shariat became sweeter. So that which, taken by itself, seemed bitter to the nafs, has become sweetened by the honey of mysticism on the Sufi way. Through the Halveti path, I was able to pass through this stage. It is one of the greatest gifts I have received from Allah.

Muzaffer Ozak

Source: Lifting the Boundaries: Muzaffer Efendi and the Transmission of Sufism to the West, Pages: 23

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