A Quote by Mrs. Delany on books, country, imagination, and variety

. . . a hermitage, which is about an acre of ground - an island, planted with all variety of trees, shrubs and flowers that will grow in this country, abundance of little winding walks, differently embellished with little seats and banks; in the midst is place a hermit's cell, made of the roots of trees, the floor is paved with pebbles, there is a couch made of matting, and little wooden stools, a table with a manuscript on it, a pair of spectacles, a leathern bottle; and hung up in different parts, an hourglass, a weatherglass and several mathematical instruments, a shelf of books, another of wood platters and bowls, another of earthen ones, in short everything that you might imagine necessary for a recluse.

Mrs. Delany (? - 1788)

Source: Caroline Gearey, Royal Friendships; The Story of Two Royal Friendships . . . London, 1898

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