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     Regarding the economic downturn in the U.S. our government played a part by establishing a tone of existing on credit and borrowing against our collective futures.  Our lending institutions played a part. Coming up with loan products like 40 year interest only loans so people could afford to get into houses that were overpriced to begin with. We did it to ourselves by over consuming and focusing on buying things to make us feel good about ourselves. 

    This recession / depression will be corrected over time but this is a good time for us all to re-examine our priorities and values. It's time to think about buying only what we can afford and to save money for a rainy day. Remember what I said about suffering...the suffering is repeated until the lesson is learned. President carter tried to teach America this lesson in the 1970's when he allowed credit card companies to raise interest rates to discourage people from living on credit. We didn't learn the lesson then. Will we learn it now?  

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