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Imagine a child

Who doesn't have a place at the table

Who walks past houses where doors are shut to him

Who can't sit with others in public

Who can be beaten by strangers

For saying the wrong thing

Or for looking at a pretty girl

And what would you say if this was your child?

What would you say to a neighbor

Who taunted

and made fun of your children as they walked down the street?

Who slammed the door in their faces when they came asking for help?

Who didn't let them play with their children

Or to drink from a clean water fountain

Use a clean toilet

Or made them eat outside in the rain?

Who beat your children for looking them in the eye?

What would you give to be able to experience life from another

Person's perspective?

To more than know... to feel the truth?

That this is what it was like to be black in America.

Mr. Prophet

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