Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor

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"Pagan Neolithic people did not have sex-morality systems per se. Sex was sacred, flesh was a manifestation of spirit. But spirit was related to energy-human and divine energy- and energy activities or occasions in which the soul energy was at risk; at risk through the intensity of the encounter or change it would be undergoing. The soul as the sense of personal identity and belonging was at risk in archetypalontological situations: birth, puberty, mating, killing, eating, death. So, men would undergo at least three days of sex-abstinence before a hunt or battle. Ritual abstinence and purification were undergone before a mating or birth, or at puberty, or after a death. These purifications/concentrations of spirit energy were a way of encountering any major life change or soul transformation which could threaten the balance of identity(personal) and communal life (transpersonal).

Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor

Source: The Great Cosmic Mother, Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth

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