A Quote by Mircea Eliade on upanishads, great dissolutions, and cosmos

Neti! Neti! cries the sage of the Upanishads:
"No! No! thou art not this; nor art thou that! In other words: you do not belong to the fallen cosmos, as you see it now, you are not necessarily engulfed in this creation; necessarily - that is to say, by virtue of the law of your own being. Now, nature has no true ontological reality; it is, indeed, universal becoming. Every cosmic form, complex and magestic though it may be, ends by disintegrating; the universe itself is periodically reabsorbed by "great dissolutions" (mahapralaya) into the primordial matrix (prakriti).

Mircea Eliade

Source: Eliade (1970), Yoga: Immortality and Freedom 1970 p.10

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