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Nine Hurdles

free and resourceful and fully equipped human body
That's freed of the eight unfree states is not easy to get.

To get to the heart of this free and resourceful occasion
And to get past the pleasures of life is not easy to do

To see what is wrong with the phenomenon of samsara
And accomplish nirvana is not something easy to do. 

Although one might practice true dharma extensively
The purest conductive conditions don't easily join.

lama who masters instructions and scriptures and logic

And has a compassionate heart is not easy to find.

student with faith who does not get fed up or exhausted
And is able to actually practice is not easy to find.

practice environment blessed with the proper conditions
Free of all hazard and fear
 is not easy to find.

Friends with the same motivation and way to apply it
Whose thinking accords with your own are not easy to find

body that's able to work with its pain and illness
And to do all you bid it is not something easy to find.

Although you might get every one of these factors together
To practice with one-pointed mind is not easy to do.

These are nine things which are difficult to come by.
They're difficult, but it's these difficult things you must do.

Copyright 2002 Marpa Translation Committee. Composed by Milarepa, from the Tibetan text at page 285.


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A Quote by milarepa on meat, vegetarianism, buddhism, karma, and killing

How pitiful are sentient beings in Samsara ...
How foolish and sad it is to indulge in killing;
How sad to commit an act that in the end will hurt oneself;
How sad to build a sinful wall of meat, made of one's dying parents' flesh;
How sad to see meat eaten and blood flowing!



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A Quote by milarepa on non-dualism, buddhism, and compassion

Long accustomed to contemplating compassion, I have forgotten all difference between myself and others.


Source: Compassion: Listening to the Cries of the World, Pages: 33

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A Quote by milarepa on mind, happiness, and joyfulness

He who knows that all things are his mind,
That all with which he meets are friendly,
Is ever joyful.


Source: -Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa

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