A Quote by MES on living life


Live life

Believe in Yourself

Remember the love of family and Friends

Help everyone you can,

 But don’t forget the person right in front of you.

Take life seriously, but know when to laugh

Have a plan, but let spontaneity happen

Live Every Moment

(Don’t forget the past did happen,

And tomorrow will come soon enough)

Let things happen the way they need to

(There is a plan, and everything happens for a reason)

Appreciate the people in your life before you loose them

Don’t be afraid to let your hair down,

And be crazy every once in a while.

Become Somebody

Scream, when you feel like screaming, and stare at the ceiling when you have nothing else better to do. Start something you can’t see the end of, but push through till the finish.

Don’t expect perfection, but perseverance

And don’t be different to be different, be yourself

Have Passion

Share what you have learned,

but let others learn for themselves

Show the options available, then follow along behind them watch them slip, or almost run into something, along the way they will learn rocks are slippery, and you are there to help if they get stuck in some mud.

Learn From Others

Everyone comes into your life for a reason.

Some for a moment, others for years

Some will love you, others won’t

Always remember

“It’s great to be alive!”

Michelle Sewell

Contributed by: MES