Maurice Maeterlinck

A Quote by Maurice Maeterlinck on freedom, happiness, breathing, thoughts, feelings, and breath

It is only in the space that our thoughts and our feelings enclose that our happiness can breathe in freedom.

Maurice Maeterlinck

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A Quote by Maurice Maeterlinck on art, beauty, bravery, gratitude, language, men, names, and trifle

Brave old-flowers! Wall-flowers, Gilly flowers, Stocks! For even as the field-flowers, from which a trifle, a ray of beauty, a drop of perfume, divides them, they have charming names, the softest in the language; and each of them, like tiny, art-less ex-votos, or like medals bestowed by the gratitude of men, proudly bears three or four.

Maurice Maeterlinck

Source: Old–Fashioned Flowers, 1907

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