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You cannot just consider or talk about a path with heart. You must pursue it against all odds. If something rings true for you, then nothing and no one will be able to keep you from it. I am not afraid to live my truth.

Do not subscribe to the notion that your life work is something that must be contrary to your heart. Living a path with heart colors your world with joy. You become one with your path instead of at odds with it. You become light instead of heavy. The joy motivates you and cuts through fear. It invigorates you and adds incalculable happiness and flavor to your life. The Spirit wants us to enjoy prosperity and fulfillment but we fight with it constantly. We choose to live in lack.

Fear can stop you cold from engaging the energy necessary to stand up and take care of your life, and not be a victim of unseen powers. Being a victim is a choice, not a position that is assigned to you by some mysterious force. Defy your fear! One day you will be on your deathbed and you will have to face the fact that the only one who has determined the outcome of your life was you. Do you want to be responsible for a wasted lifetime? Do you want to be face-to-face with the realization that you allowed your fears to keep you from everything fulfilling in your life? Do you want to realize that you have been nothing more than a coward who wasted his energy creating excuses for why he never did the things that could've fortified his heart and therefore been a source of encouragement and inspiration for everyone else that he came in contact with?

You believe and expect that everything should become prefect when you make one paltry attempt at correcting your flaws. That's childish. Don't be so black and white in your expectations and perception. Your self-image is killing you. Look at how you want to give up if you can't do something perfectly the first time! That is your false-self wanting to always look good in front of others. People might ridicule you. You might look stupid. You might become embarrassed and stop trying. Then, to save face, you will blame forces outside of your control But nothing is outside of your control. You just can't be afraid to learn. Screw everybody else! Look like an idiot, and don't give a damn about what they think of you. Learn everything that you possibly can in order to find fulfillment. Take the time to start completely over, if necessary. Push yourself and persist, and eventually you will prevail. Your life and freedom are an investment. Every penney of energy that you put into this investment will eventually add up. Do it for yourself. So what if it takes a lifetime? Do you have something better to do?

You give up when you should hustle! You can't wait for the prefect moment because there will never be one. The path with heart will always be fraught with excuses, the ‘should haves' and ‘could haves'. Stop using your brain to find your path and simply trust the Unknown-the feeling that resonates within your heart and bowels. Don't question how it will happen! Instead, focus all of your energy on the intention, and then the Spirit will see that your intention is solid and real and will show you the way. Just do it, and you will suddenly find yourself in the midst of it-the means will suddenly materialize.

You're always looking for a safety net or some backup plan in case you fail. Don't you see? You fail before you even get started. That's what trying is. Trying is not doing.

If you believe fully in yourself you won't even think about having a backup plan If you really know in your heart that you are doing the right thing, there will be no doubt. If there is doubt, then either it is the wrong path or you are not ready. Your fear is what makes you doubt yourself, and it is this fear that you must overcome first. This fear makes you look for security. The need of a safety net says that you don't believe that you can make it. That creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. If there's no question in your mind then you will proceed as though you've already made it.

Power only acknowledges power. The Spirit only recognizes action. If you don't invest energy you won't receive energy. When you make a complete energetic commitment to yourself and your path, you have invested energy. But the decision must be final. Making a decision is one of the most difficult things you will ever do. You cannot look back if it is truly a final decision because you will have altered your life forever. If you don't commit one hundred percent then you are not committed, and your energy will not be there to back you up.

Once you have made the decision, then you can take the fist step-and it must be just as strong. The boldness of that step will release hidden reservoirs of strength and create forward momentum. Your dreaming body will be activated. Only a fool would approach power filled with fear. In the world of predators, one who is full of fear will run away until he believes in himself. Otherwise, the more powerful predator will steal his power-his life. When you have vanquished your doubts and fears through smaller challenges and have established a solid connection to your path and allowed your power to rise up within you, then you will enter the arena of power to claim that which is rightfully yours. Then you will dominate, or at least be accepted as an equal.

The means do not justify the end. You can't get to a path with heart by pursuing a contrary path! Your thinking says that you should keep all options open and not close any doors. But you can't do that. You can't live a path with heart by doing something that you hate in order to get there, because the path that you tread is your path. You have to close doors - you have to turn your back on the things that don't bring you fulfillment. Otherwise your intention will not be clear and your energy will not be focused on your goal. You will spend years chasing your own tail. You either are what you're meant to be, or you're a fake. You either focus on the Spirit or you don't. There's no in-between. There is no process to get from where you are to where you want to be. If you want to be something else, then change. If you say that you will gradually become what you want to be then you are fooling yourself. The process of becoming is an illusion. Progress is an illusion.

"Isn't taking a step, or a series of steps, the process of becoming?"

The process of becoming what? The process of becoming a concept, an idea in your little brain? That is the illusion. If you are aware of something, you feel it in your body, not in your mind. You can act on that feeling. It is your awareness that dictates what you are capable of at any given moment. You can't act on something that you don't feel. Do you see? You are aware and you feel it. You hook yourself to that feeling and act. Suddenly, you are a different person. There was no process. Awareness is power; thoughts are not. A path with heart requires no thought.

Why is freedom so frightening?

Because there is nothing and no one restraining you. There is no energetic tension. We are so unbelievably secure when we feel restricted. This entire world that we live in is structured that way.
But in some ways it's necessary, otherwise we would blast off into infinity the moment we were born. We need these challenges in order to grow. We learn to recognize what is false, and by doing that we find the Truth. You are energy. You alone have decided what that energy is capable of based on your thoughts and fears. If those thoughts and fears are limiting you, then change them. You have everything that you need already.

Being happy wherever you are has nothing to do with some phony ideal of being centered inside. It's that line of reasoning that leads so many astray. You are not happy inside if you're not following your heart. That is a fact. Living what is in your heart is what makes you happy wherever you are.

Do not be trapped by belief in mistakes. There aren't any. Nothing is a waste. There are no wrong choices. Everything that you have learned from your random adventures in this world will be useful to you here and in your dreaming. Clinging to your mistakes comes from fear of failure, fear of looking stupid around your peers - there's that damn self-image again. If you let other people's opinions about you hold you back then you are dead before you are in the ground. Let the past go free. Then your mistakes become lessons on a never-ending journey to freedom.

This world is the training and proving ground for other worlds that you will encounter in lucid dreaming. An infant is not given a ship and sent off to sail around the world. It has to learn how to walk and talk and fight and feed itself and take a crap over the side without falling into the ocean. You have to learn how to function and survive in this world first. Then you can sail off on other adventures in dreaming. This world is like a safety valve to protect you from your own ignorance and stupidity. If you can't survive in this world, you won't survive in any other. If you can't behave in this world, you wont' be allowed to endanger another. So many people choose to live a miserable life here, and then want to go to sleep and have wonderful adventures in heaven. They are completely missing the frigging point! You have to intend this life to perfection before you can find happiness anywhere else. If you can't accomplish anything in this dream, what makes you think that you can accomplish anything in any other dream? You must pursue your dreams here and now-you must accept your birthright-you must make this world work first. You can make as many mistakes as you want provided you don't get old and die in the meantime. If you keep your eyes open you will learn, and you will gather weapons and knowledge from every adventure that you undertake. Nothing will be wasted.

Always make sure, however, that you take care of your physical body. It is your vehicle in this manifestation. How would you like to go to the moon in a dysfunctional ship? Tune up and perfect this vehicle, this body, first. Experience the earth, go barefoot outside, dig a hole, plant a garden, lie on your back and watch the clouds float by, fly a kite, and stop your internal dialogue-your thoughts. Relax and enjoy your adventure. The time to live is now.

Matt Guest

Source: The Face of Power, Pages: I found this excerpt from the

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