Mark Helprin

A Quote by Mark Helprin

"Like an animal compelled by the seasons to engage in a course of behavior that it cannot understand, I feel directed to shed my skin, to dance, to burrow in the dirt, to behave like a fool. I don't know why, but something says to me, 'Abandon your pride, drop it, sink it, leave it, be foolish, be indiscreet, shame yourself.' I really don't understand this, but the impulse is overwhelming and I'm going to honor it."

Mark Helprin

Source: A Soldier of the Great War

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A Quote by Mark Helprin on strength and nature

...I returned to walking up the mountain, and there, in the dim asexual beauty of reddening dawns and skies that firmed to blue, I discovered my real and appropriate strengths.

Mark Helprin

Source: Memoir from Antproof Case

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