Majjhima Nikaya

A Quote by Majjhima Nikaya on past and future

The past should not be followed after,
and the future not desired;
what is past is dead and gone,
and the future is yet to come.

Majjhima Nikāya 3.272

Majjhima Nikaya

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A Quote by Majjhima Nikaya on breathing, conscious, and moment

Find a place where you are alone. Train yourself in the following way: When you breathe in, experience breathing in. When you breathe out, be fully conscious that you are breathing out. If you cherish and practice this, it will bear great fruit. Whatever you are doing and wherever you are, you will find steadiness, calm, and concentration if you become conscious of your breathing.

Majjhima Nikaya

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A Quote by Majjhima Nikaya

What is past is dead and future is not yet here.

Majjhima Nikaya

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