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Companies that are unhealthy within their own human collaboration processes are unable to develop themselves in a sustainable way.

Quality collaboration processes are necessary to cocreate sustainability in the company or organization.

The real sustainability is not about developing strategies to bring and keep customers permanently to the company services. The consequence of a sustainable collaboration process is a sustainable quality of living, which means the necessary resources and processes for our goals and projects will be there, generated naturally by our business and collaboration process. The strategy used to achieve this level and state of performance need to be integral.

Sustainable quality of living, awareness and care for individual self-development, are main goals of modern companies that espect to achieve a mayor goal: to become sustainable, collaborate with the cocreation of a permanent state of sustainable quality of living (within and around the company) and inherit its success up to the 9th following generation.



Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Source: Elements Management

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