A Quote by Lou Gerstner on ceo, communication, and transparency

The world is full of CEOs that think that just because they write a memo or they write a letter inside an annual report or they give a little video speech that gets sent around the company, they think that's what's really going to effect employees. No, you can't assume anything but very smart. They understand when you're really communicating with them, they understand when you're treating them as adults, as equals. And it takes a lot of effort to go out. You've got to be candid, you've got to be fair, you've got to give the bad news as well as the good news. Communicating with your employees is a very sophisticated and very time-consuming activity.

Lou Gerstner

Source: CNN: In Focus: Lou Gerstner: http://edition.cnn.com/2004/BUSINESS/07/02/gerstner.interview/index.html

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