A Quote by Linda Berardi on newborn eyes awakened


Mother/Father God of our Being,

as we close our eyes to the world of appearances,

we open to the kingdom of our heart.

It is here, in the womb of Spirit's temple, that we hear your sacred call.

Our newborn eyes are opened to the brilliance that you Are-

A sparkling seed of Truth, awaiting our discovery.

With each Breathe taken with You, we are awakened, nourished, stirred and moved.

From the cradle of our heart's knowing, we emerge to the holy ground of the sacred Mother, as Spirit taking Form.

We pray Lord, that with the seed of each new day, we remember to take our first breath with You. For we know that it is from within that we begin, from within that we are nourished and from within that we emerge to our True Expression. And So it IS. Amen.

Linda Berardi

Source: A Prayer by Linda Berardi

Contributed by: Linda