Lin Chi

A Quote by Lin Chi on buddhahood, fool, laugh, wisdom, and ordinariness

When it's time to get dressed, put on your clothes.
When you must walk, then walk.
When you must sit, then sit.
Just be your ordinary self in ordinary life,
unconcerned in seeking for Buddhahood.
When you're tired, lie down.
The fool will laugh at you
but the wise man will understand.

Lin Chi

Source: The Way of Zen‎ - Page 151 by Alan Watts

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A Quote by Lin Chi

In Buddhism there is no place for using effort. Just be ordinary and nothing special. Eat your food, move your bowels, pass water, and when you're tired go and lie down. The ignorant will laugh at me, but the wise will understand.

Lin Chi

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A Quote by Lin Chi on zen, focus, in the moment, and walking

When walking, just walk. When sitting, just sit. But above all don't wobble!

Lin Chi

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A Quote by Lin Chi on ordinariness, sacredness, and non-duality

If you live the sacred and despise the ordinary, you are still bobbing in the ocean of delusion.

Lin Chi

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