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"The agreement, then, is to go on believing in that particular flavor. Here's where reincarnation and its opportunity for experiencing a vast array of perspectives, "agreements", enters in.  Another life offers another opportunity, a chance to "switch flavors" so to speak. Taking oneself too personally, however, can cause a soul to get caught up, stuck in redundancy: in a particular (and unfortunate) flavor. In such instances the individual is forgetting he has the ability to choose his flavors, his lives. Please avoid taking even life's positive accomplishments or identities too seriously, as well. People can get "hung up" in similar lifetimes, identifying too strongly with even an incarnation's positive achievements and personas. Clinging to any past identity (expansive or limiting), then, acts as a roadblock, preventing one from progressing to other flavors (beliefs and experiences)."

Lena Lees

Source: The Living Word of Kuan Yin

Contributed by: Hope