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Neurological studies indicate that the brain is divided into two hemispheres that share control of mental activity. The right brain functions as the creative center. It is the seat of visual, aural, and emotional memory, and processes information in holistic, intuitive terms, relying on pattern recognition. The left brain is the administrator, the rational mind. It proceeds, in logical, analytical, verbal and sequential fashion. Incoming information is identified, classified, and explained. In ordinary consciousness, either the left or the right brain dominates in cycles lasting from thirty minutes to about three hours. We shift from one side to the other depending on which skills we require. In states of intense creativity or deep meditation, or under the influence of rhythmic sound, both hemispheres may begin operating in the same synchronized rhythm. The state of unified whole-brain functioning is called hemispheric synchronization. As the rhythms of the two hemispheres synchronize, there is a sense of clarity and heightened awareness. Feelings of self-consciousness and separation fall away. The individual is able to draw on both the left and the right hemispheres simultaneously. Hemispheric synchronization on the alpha level can create feelings of euphoria, expanded mental powers, and intense creativity. This may be the neurological bases of higher states of consciousness.

Layne Redmond

Source: When the Women Were Drummers

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