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Biorhythmic studies have breathed new life into ancient practice of music therapy. Music's influence on pulse, blood pressure, heartbeat, and so forth can be measured on machines. These scientifically sanctioned tests reveal that music can indeed alter consciousness. Studies by the Viennese therapist Alfred Schmolz show that patients who participate actively in spontaneous music-making benefit even more than passive listeners. Listen deeply, with concentration by synchronizing their breathing and walking to the rhythms they were playing. As I entrained with the beat of the drum, as I became the pulse itself, I felt that I was letting the force of gravity draw my essence down, down through the layers of the earth to the fire at her center. As I connected to the fire of the earth, I could feel that energy radiating up through my body and out through the sound of my drum, as if I were a radio transmitter.

Layne Redmond

Source: When the Women Were Drummers

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